Uzume Taiko Drummers

Japanese taiko drumming by Uzume Taiko, Canada's premiere professional taiko drumming group, who have been performing both nationally and internationally since 1988 (courtesy Uzume Taiko).

Taiko drumming’s roots lie in the shrines scattered across Japan, where they are played in religious festivals. Taiko was also used in warfare, presumably to scare the enemy as well as to inspire one’s own soldiers. Only in recent times has taiko become a performance art, as groups like Uzume Taiko, Canada’s premiere taiko drumming group, bring this music form to a global audience.

Based in Vancouver, BC, Uzume Taiko have performed across Canada and internationally since 1988, at festivals, and in concert halls and schools. Members of Uzume Taiko perform and teach this ancient Japanese art of drumming throughout Canada, the United States and Europe.

The name “Uzume Taiko” is derived from taiko, the Japanese word for "big drum" and from the goddess of laughter, Ame no Uzume no Mikoto, who, according to legend, first began taiko drumming.

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