The Asia Pacific Reality

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What is the ethnic make-up of a Canadian? The answer? At least 200 ethnicities. Increasingly the trend is for a growing number of Canadians to cite ethnicities from Asia. Part of the reason is that, since the 1990s, Asia has been the greatest source of immigrants to Canada. Among Asians, there is also a great diversity of ethnicities, and as among all immigrants, there is a great variety of economic circumstance. But for certain, the "visible minorities" among immigrants to Canada overwhelmingly choose to live in the cities.

At the same time as Canada's Asian profile at home is increasing, Canada is pursuing closer economic ties abroad with Asia. Other Western nations are doing the same and for the same reason—the growing economic might of the Asian region. In particular, China has become a major player in the global economy and India is not far behind.

Future generations of Canadians will give new meaning to Canadian notions of multiculturalism. A growing number of Canadians are of mixed-race ethnicities. And more and more, when Canadians are asked in a census every four years, they choose to simply identify their ethnicity as "Canadian."